Production wastes collected directly from factories through imports and from internal markets are separated according to their color and type in our facility. Crushing process is started according to production and order so  the first step of the recycling process begins. Here, the materials in the crushing machines become small pieces. The crumb material in the crushing machine is transferred to the crushing silos.


Material After passing through the first blend in the crushing silos, the blades rotating in high velocity in the boiler in the agromelding parts heat the material at high temperature resulting in friction. Later, a small amount of water-shocked material becomes reusable. Broken wastes in Agromel Machines are converted into small pellets.


After agromel the material  is melted in the extruder, becomes the spaghetti strips in the machine and these strips are cooled in the cooling pool. From here the strips go to the front cutting machine.


The spaghetti strips coming from the extruder are cut into the cutting machine and become small granular raw materials. Granules are packed in bigbag or sacks according to customer demand and transferred to stock area.